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Damn you Powerball

My pretty intelligent mind knows the odds but, like millions of other people, I fell into your trap again.  Do I need that much money?  Of course not.  Do visions appear of things I could do, of places I could go?  Pretty much….sucked in!


Before falling asleep, I rewrote my mental list of all of the wonderful things I would do with my windfall. No need to count sheep, I was busy trying to remember all the family & friends that I could help financially.

I remembered I was going to need to find a lawyer and financial advisor & no matter how excited I would be, I would wait until things were set before claiming my prize.
I remember hearing about how everyone wants you (your money) after they find out you won, how people have to worry a lot about privacy.  As I fell asleep, I was prepared.

‘spoiler alert’
I lost

I didn’t even get to live in ‘maybe’ I was a winner land.  1 winner in California means the news didn’t even publish the numbers.

242 million dollars (taking the cash payout) I will not be spending unselfishly
Family I will not be helping, Staff I will not be hiring (oh did I forget to mention perhaps I wanted to hire someone to clean the house and a few other things)

back to work & cleaning my own house…..

Happy Friday!

8 thoughts on “Damn you Powerball

    1. Somehow I fell into the trap of ‘If I only think of ways to help other people, not concentrate on all of the ‘stuff’ I would want, I would somehow cosmically become more deserving of that obscene amount of money’…ha ha

  1. I’ve always said, if I ever have money again since both times I did, and it was far from a Powerball windfall, I’d do nothing with it but put it in the bank. Like so many people who find themselves with a sudden fortune I spent mine lavishly…giving it away, living beyond my mental means at the time. Before you know it, you’re Cinderella again driving that pumpkin around chasing mice from your closets.
    I would buy new towels…but other than that, I’d play my Powerball fortune like a chess game only moving when I was really sure.
    Live and learn.

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