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How did I forget to title this? Oops!

So today I was given an assignment to celebrate.
I made a big step forward and committed to working with a life coach. I decided that no matter how scary dealing with your self can be, it was time to dig in & do the rest of the work. That decision deserved to be celebrated.


(does taking a picture of a card count?)
I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago called ‘reflection’ about the difficulty I have recognizing things I should be proud of.  Funny (or not) how without hesitation, I can offer you a list of things that I haven’t done or feel that I should do, while not even remembering without prompting the things I did do.

So I got off the phone & sat waiting for inspiration to strike.
What actually struck me was a whole lot of nothing.

My ‘go to’ way to celebrate is going out to eat which, is a totally different blog post & was discarded for multiple reasons. Among them, my boy child is home sick from school today & my girl child has to be at the school parking lot tomorrow morning before 6am to go to a competition.
Treat myself to a manicure? Not ‘special’ because lately I have been getting my nails done.
So I did what everyone else would do, I googled it.

I am happy to report that should I ever want to celebrate Arbor Day there is an article offering 10 ways to do so. Other suggestions offered by various sources included, jumping in a puddle, going for a walk, making a jug of sun tea & doing something for someone else.

So google was a bust.

Most of my backyard is either a puddle or muddy, there is no way going for a walk would ever be considered a celebration in my world & I don’t ‘tea’. Doing something for someone else is a beautiful thing but the assignment was meant to celebrate something I did. In this case, doing something for someone else feels like a cop out.  I love letting people go before me at the check- out line, I truly enjoy giving the cashier money to pay for the next person in line’s coffee.  I try to hold open doors, I say ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’ to strangers, I have tried to make these little things a part of my life.

So, after no real success, I ran out to do an errand & grab some food. Boy child who is not feeling well also happens to be the pickiest eater on the planet & has apparently run out of the foods he is willing to ingest.
Finally, I decided I was going to buy myself flowers.
The supermarket I go to sells flowers & since I don’t have anyone sending me flowers, maybe that was just different enough to make me feel like I found a way to celebrate.  After I was done with my errand, I went to a different location of the same grocery chain I normally visit.
Murphy’s Law being what it is (ever present in my life), this location apparently does not sell flowers.
As frustrated as I was, I knew a mini ‘get well’ balloon was not going to cut it.
So, a bag of chocolate (which is a little special since I have been staying away from candy for a while) & a bottle of my favorite classy screw top wine is the way I am celebrating tonight. For the record, it is unnecessary to let me know that technically chocolate is food.
Tomorrow I am going to get a massage!
This getting unstuck stuff is not easy!

So, what would you do to celebrate?  I am open to making it a celebration weekend if you have any cool things I haven’t thought of (which apparently might not be very difficult).

4 thoughts on “How did I forget to title this? Oops!

  1. I’ve been known to buy a bottle of cheap-ish prosecco, order in Thai food and have a movie marathon on the floor in my candlelit living room. Fancy carpet picnic. 🙂 Congratulations!!

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