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Spoiler alert….

I love spoilers

Television, movies, books..everything


pic link….

Doesn’t matter to me
It can be a spoiler for a movie I have no intention of ever watching, I still want to know.

It can be reading the end of a book or finding out ‘important’ information on a show before I watch.

I hate surprises…real deal, deep down gut clenching hate.

I know why I don’t like surprises, they make me uncomfortable (understatement but enough for you to go on for this post).  But that is on a personal level & theoretically, spoilers have nothing to do with me personally.  When it is a show I actually watch there is obviously some investment, but it has me thinking.

It feels like a control issue as I am writing this.  With that being said, personality wise, if someone asked me to choose I wouldn’t pick ‘control freak’, I would more likely choose the ‘go with the flow’ or ‘laid back’. 

Can you be a ‘go with the flow’ person & still hate surprises?  Does my love of spoilers and intense dislike of surprises automatically align me with a person who needs control (say more than the average person)?

Ok — actually I really am asking……….Anyone care to chime in?

8 thoughts on “Spoiler alert….

  1. I think it’s a real challenge to try to see what happens. There’s a 12 Step slogan I like…only God sees around corners…in other words, you don’t know what’s coming anyway, so I guess, knowing the end of a book or film gives you the illusion of control because in real time we haven’t any. How’s that?

  2. Hi.. I popped over to look at your blog…and followed the link re the cartoon you used as I thought maybe it would be one I could in the future if it was a ‘free’ photo… I just thought I would mention that the link does not go to their site but in fact to your post… I wondered if you somehow had some glitch when you did the link so thought I’d mention.. If you find the url to the right place could you let me know if the photos are free to use.. as I only have 1 right now that I found that is….thanks Diane

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