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All it takes is a dead mouse…..

While I like to consider myself computer literate, I also am a creature of habit.

Years ago, when I made the switch from a desktop to a laptop, I owned the biggest laptop around because I still wanted the numbers on the right side not just up top where I never learned to use them.  Not only is my laptop bigger than yours, I just can’t give up the mouse.  I moved to the wireless one so at least I have evolved from getting the cord tangled up but I am just embarrassingly uncomfortable trying to operate a computer without a mouse.


Why do I feel compelled to call myself out?  The mouse stopped working & I am out of AAA batteries……..I am so messed up, I am really not sure what to do with myself.

I feel as an intelligent woman, I should have the ability to deal with this dilemma until I run out in a bit & make sure I have a supply of said AAA batteries.  But really, I can’t…I keep moving my hand to the mouse, I hesitate before clicking or double clicking on the laptop, quite frankly this is causing me anxiety.  I do things I don’t mean to, I change the zoom on the page without realizing it, I somehow open new pages, browsers, who knows what.

I feel uncool, I should have the ability to use my laptop as it was intended, like my teenagers do, fingers floating around with confidence.

Apparently I’m not cool.

I postponed my torture because I needed to pick up a prescription for my diabetic yet allergic to insulin dog & 1 trip to the store was just easier for my lazy self.

As I realized how traumatized I was by 2 dead batteries, I decided to try to start writing about this as a personal challenge, to see if I could get over myself and competently use my laptop without restarting my computer, opening up 5 new windows, or zoom down to 60.

When I stared typing this post, I thought that maybe by admitting my crazy I could somehow force myself into dealing with my laptop like more people do, but quite frankly this exercise has actually shown me that I am keeping my gigantic laptop & wireless mouse. 

So in the end, I am going to embrace my ‘big laptop’ & going to keep using my mouse because while I am looking to make changes, I am going to concentrate on things that matter & really this doesn’t.

6 thoughts on “All it takes is a dead mouse…..

  1. I can’t use a laptop without a mouse! Well, I suppose I technically could, but I would strongly rather not. I had to do a presentation at work yesterday with a laptop, and it felt so awkward without a mouse.

  2. I am with you 100%. I hate laptops and that little pad finger thingy. And if I do ever graduate to a laptop there will be a mouse dangling from it.

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