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Show me a sign…..

When we aren’t peaceful, when we are struggling, we often hope & pray for a ‘sign’.

We want a blinking billboard pointing in the right direction, we want a detailed map offering the ‘answer’ we are searching for.

Signs are really everywhere and deep down we know it.  Some are small and often overlooked, some are actually blinking as brightly as they can be but we dismiss them because we aren’t ready to see them.

I have already acknowledged that I am in a holding pattern in my life.  I can say that I am shaking myself out of it making baby steps, creating movements but…..I have been ignoring a billboard right in front of me.

One of my favorite people to hear speak & read is Brene Brown.  Her TED talks were my first introduction & what a first impression they are.  I highly, highly recommend them.  Here is the first one:

(after you watch this one, look down the right side & click on ‘listening_to_shame’ next…you’re welcome)

I have seen her speak with Oprah, & I have 3 of her books as well.

So what’s my point?  My point is this –


This book has been sitting in this exact position for about 2 months.  I moved it from its home in my little spiritual journey bookcase closer to my ‘sitting on my butt’ location on my couch because I knew this was the next book on my list to read.

I see the book everyday & have not so much as touched it since I put in it’s current location.

My blinking billboard is in my peripheral vision every single day but my ‘holding pattern’ state has been discarding it daily.  When you are stuck, you are a spectator and you are certainly not ‘Daring Greatly’.

daring greatly

Going ‘public’ is my way of acknowledging that the poor tired billboard who has been doing its absolute best to blink it’s little heart out has finally been seen.

It is time to pick up the book that apparently scares me right now.

What signs are you ignoring?  Remember when you hope & pray for a ‘sign’ often you receive the one you ‘need’ not necessarily the one you ‘want’ or were ‘hoping for’.  If you truly want a ‘sign’ buckle in, it may be a different ride than you were hoping for but it is the ‘sign’ you need.



5 thoughts on “Show me a sign…..

  1. so so true. All prayers are answered but you may just not like the answer you get. Later you realize you had to learn something or you still had to grow a little more into the person you’re meant to be 🙂

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