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Ready or not

So today is the day.  Many moons ago, in a hospital in NYC at 11:45 pm a couple became a family.

I am generally ambivalent about my birthday.  As you can see from another post I have ‘aging’ issues that I am working on ‘getting over’ but as with most things in my life, it’s a work in progress.

I didn’t think I was going to post an entry today, I am heading out & had planned not exactly a communication black out but to keep mostly away from social media today.

I woke up earlier than planned & refused to leave my bed for a while.  When I woke up again, I just decided to go with it.

I am going to just be grateful today.  I am going to accept the well wishes from friends and acquaintances & as always happens read them all.

Is this what I hoped my birthday would be?  I guess in the end, it doesn’t really matter.  It is my birthday & while I may have had different dreams for what today would be, it is here & it is completely up to me what kind of day it turns out to be.

So do something good today.  It doesn’t have to cost money, it doesn’t have to be grand, just something.

Hold open a door for someone.

Smile at a stranger.

Let someone go before you in line.

Offer assistance

Buy someone a cup of coffee

Tip a little extra.

Be grateful


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