Shift baby shift

I remember in my twenties thinking that people who always seemed happy were obviously medicated.  There was no way these people were actually always happy, I knew for sure I wasn’t.  It didn’t seem sincere, it didn’t seem possible.

Fast forward a decade or two and we arrive to me today.  I seriously doubt I will ever be mistaken for ‘holly happiness’ or ‘olivia optimist’ but in the last year or two, I have tried to shift my focus.

It is so easy to be caught up in the stuff that makes us crazy.  It is too easy to focus on what isn’t fair, what we don’t have, what we don’t like.  It is so easy in fact, it is hard to remember some days all of the things we really should be grateful for.

It sometimes seems strange or foreign but instead of complaining about my job, I try to be grateful I have one.  When I get frustrated at the kids, I remind myself that my girl is heading off to college in the fall & I try to be grateful that I still have her with me.  There are so many things I want/need to do in my house and it frustrates me that I just can’t do them all at once.  I stop myself and try to be grateful that I am able to own my own house.

That does not mean that my undiagnosed/unmedicated road rage somehow disappeared but I am trying to switch my focus when I realize I am slipping into cranky.


I am sitting in my living room appreciating the irony that is my life.  I decide at 5 am that I was going to write a post on becoming more grateful in my life & really trying to focus more on the good than the annoying.  The reason I was up at 5, was due to my 2yr old dog whining/crying.  Since last night she has been experiencing issues going #1.  I discovered this last night in the rain.  She has on average ‘squatted’ 8 times every time she has gone outside (in the rain).  Typing the words ‘in the rain’ actually made me realize that I am grateful it was only rain and not the ice/snow mess so many of my friends & family are experiencing this winter.  (Perhaps, I am getting the hang of this grateful concept after all).

Just returned from the vet.  We have white blood cells & blood in the urine so of course we are sending it out to the lab.  2 medications and wait & see for the full results.  For those unaware, we have a second dog who is 11 and has diabetes.  Diabetes in dogs (well in my dog) means he has very little control over his bladder.  Apparently today I should be grateful for paper towels & mops?

I’m glad I had no plans to write how easy it is to be grateful all the time…….


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