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I am highly suspect of those who claim not to have ‘baggage’ As imperfect creatures, it is impossible. I strongly believe the amount of baggage you carry, depends on how much ‘work’ you are willing to do, but I don’t believe that you can be without it. Those who claim to have no baggage usually… Continue reading Baggage

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My girl

She is everything She is amazing Sassy & witty Sensitive & emotional Full of confidence Full of fear masked in indifference On the cusp of going out on her own Excited for the future yet hesitant to leave the familiar Smart, so much smarter than she is even aware of The softest heart hidden behind… Continue reading My girl

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What are you proud of?

Not for or about other people, for yourself. Not as easy for most people as you might think.  If I let you, chances are you could give me without great effort things other people have done that you may have told them ‘I’m proud of you’ or ‘great job’ etc. It’s a question I have… Continue reading What are you proud of?

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That stupid movie quote

…..wait for it……. “You complete me” Rubbish (part of me just really wanted to find a way to use that word) I have decided to take a stab at what it should be. “I complete me. I want you to challenge me, compliment me, accept & love me. I want you to make me laugh… Continue reading That stupid movie quote

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Note to self

As the weather turns nicer & you bask in the ability to put your capri yoga pants back on please take note of the following: You haven’t worked out since November Random squats, an occasional plank, 50 high knees & some plié squats does not a work out make. Especially when they are not done… Continue reading Note to self

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Take me back…

I have a dilemma & a confession One of the things I have come to know In the grand scheme of things, most people do not care what I think.  No camera crew is staked out at my house waiting for me to let the world know my thoughts or feelings.  My phone is not… Continue reading Take me back…

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Assignment: Celebration – update

I have concluded that celebrating myself is difficult. I realized that I never thought to see if any of my friends were available. I somehow morphed the assignment into something singular/insular. I did not celebrate Friday but there were extenuating circumstances including the fact that I had to be up at 4:30 am Saturday. Saturday… Continue reading Assignment: Celebration – update