Pinning & Favoriting does not an organized person make…..

So part of my pulling myself back together plan was to get my house in order….

I don’t know about anyone else but I think of my life more like that Jenga game than dominos.  I can usually let something slip without causing total devastation but once something goes, other things have a tendency to slip too.  So every time I let one slip it weakens something else until you pull that last one & the whole world comes crashing down around you.

So in the recent past, I decided to quit smoking, partially dislocated my shoulder & yeah that emotional break down too.  In other words, I am not sure of a part of my life that wasn’t crumbling down around me for a while.

Since only I could kick my own ass out of the pit of self pity I immersed myself in, I thought let’s deal with the house, since there were any number of things that could/should be done that might give me a little boost.  A small sense of accomplishment, baby steps.

So after way too much time on pinterest finding all of the organized people with just a few simple steps to household clarity, I added them to my organization favorites folder.  After glancing their wisdom, the determination was made that I too could create a little organization amidst the chaos.

I went back to making lists, so I could begin the general organization of my house, mind & life……

So I was relatively successful…..Some things got checked off the list

Cleaning this, wiping down that, throw that away, put that away…..

After doing the basics, I decided to first tackle steam cleaning the carpet….it helped soak the floor but as it is not a miracle worker and it is a ‘tiny’ machine, this task will need to be done in phases.  Outlook — better than the estimate I got for new floors

Next  — I had the DIY epiphany for my mud room a long time ago.  I even bought the put it together yourself particle board pieces that were going to turn my mud room into one of those pictures.  As the heavy boxes were collecting dust in my garage, I decided yesterday was the day.  With wet carpets in one room, freshly vacuumed floors, no dishes in the sink to wash, washer humming, I would put some furniture together.

(I really need someone to save me from myself…..or I really need to start drinking more regularly)

First ‘cube’ storage system I work on is halfway done when a long dowel breaks in half in the middle section that can not be fixed without unscrewing and trying to undo what I already finished to fix it.  They provided extra everything, except what?  Of course the long dowels.  So after determining I was going to need to walk away for a few minutes, I finally undid the half that had been complete and made it work.

Eventually…..2 ‘cube’ things & one bench seat, completed.

Could the story end with the broken dowel?  Well it could for some people but the only people who might think it was the end for me, don’t know me.

When I decided to try the DIY mudroom, I actually did measure it first.

See yee of little faith.

What I didn’t do?  Let’s see…..take off for the quarter round on the floor out of my measurement, or stop to realize that the house things on the wall (nope, not a clue what they are so can not describe them any better than 2 shut off’s for something important & some other weird thing protruding from the wall) would get in the way & that those things are officially enough to make my picture perfect DIY mudroom, look only marginally better than it did before.

The amazing people I gave birth to helped their officially certifiable mother ‘make it work’

Is is going to be featured in some magazine or blog?  Not unless it is one of those ‘what it really looks like’ ones.

So, while it wasn’t what I was hoping for, when all was said & done, I felt as though some things had been accomplished & that actually felt good.

Well, until this morning…..

This morning, after waking the teenagers who should be able to get themselves up…I am being lazy with the tv on, computer at the ready sitting on the couch…..until 8:11am when my oldest darling child yells down the stairs….

‘Mom, I think we have that meeting with the guidance councelor this morning’

(That would be the letter that never got out of the truck after it was opened maybe the 2nd or 3rd week of October, that I remember thinking why so long before the actual meeting?)

Apparently, my lists & organization came a little too late for me.

So mother of the year said if you want me at that meeting I can’t take you to school, I have to take a shower….

We made it to the guidance office by 8:40 the appointment was at 8:45




One thought on “Pinning & Favoriting does not an organized person make…..

  1. Keep a list in your diary???

    Congratulations on quitting smoking too.. I actually quit (for the second time – the first lasted 4 months) last night, and thanks to (e)books, I’m doing great out at work, breaking the habitual routine…

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