damn dreams

So this whole ‘chantix’ thing can cause vivid dreams as one of the side effects….

I am usually not much of a side effects person thankfully but honestly, I’m about done with these bizarre dreams.  The difference seems to be that I can remember them when I wake up as opposed to occasionally remembering bits & pieces.

I’ve heard that dreams often are subconscious thoughts you have…..well my subconscious needs to get a grip on itself, pronto!

I’ve been having work dreams, same theme running through them…probably should think a little more about why I am repeating the same thing here….

I also dreamed that someone showed up at my door, possessions in hand……that one I wish was real….

But no matter how cranky I have been in the last few days, sweet lord almighty, a pregnancy dream is unacceptable for more reasons than I can count – how is this insane?  Let me count the ways….

  • ummmm nope
  • been there, done that…..the end
  • i’m 45
  • the lack of partner may play a part in this as well – not against people parenting alone, but just another wrinkle to what would be already rather interesting to ‘explain’ since I believe that whole ‘immaculate conception’ story is harder to push when you already have kids
  • my actual children are teenagers
  • i’m 45
  • ummmmm nope

So why would I dream this?  Yup, lot’s of reasons…..adorable pictures of adorable newborns everywhere, watching/seeing people just beginning their parenting journey, feeling incredibly emotional lately & as much as I like to pretend otherwise, perhaps there is the tiniest part of me that is that insane…..

Thankfully, there is just enough sanity left to remember…no matter how cute they are in pictures, starting the journey over from the beginning when I am nearing the end with the 2 I have (well the getting them to the college part of the ‘end’) is just plain crazy talk.  Out of pure vanity – I would be old as crap by the time they were a teen….Oh & because I decided more than a decade ago that I was done with the whole baby making phase…..

I could ramble on but…..my best friend, RedBox just texted me that I could get fifty cents off a movie this weekend.

Have a good one



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