Gonna throw some seemingly random thoughts out into the air basically because I feel like it ~

  • Why are you friends with people on Facebook or other social networking sites that drive you totally insane?
  • No, you no longer have a reason to ever enter that store again!
  • Who is Murphy & why must his law always be present in my life?
  • Why do I want to eat as though I am about to hunger strike when I am miserable?  Why can’t I lose my appetite?
  • Why is election season so freaking long…..Honestly, does anyone believe a word of any of it?  I’m sure most of the candidates for most offices are generally good human beings, but seriously everything must be spun & you can only say bad things about other people….blech
  • Why has Halloween candy been out for at least a month?  Honestly, they should already have a fun size Snicker shortage from my consumption alone 😦
  • While Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday, why is is so disrespected that Christmas (which is my favorite) stuff has already taken over the Halloween Costume area (umm still not even Halloween) which pushed back to school out of the way (& my kids go back to school in Freaking August!!)

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