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Window Shopping…..

Until recently, I was not someone who enjoyed window shopping.  I am usually an instant gratification kinda girl so window shopping is like decaf or non-alcoholic beer, useless and mean.  I never wanted to stare longingly at things I couldn’t afford or had no space for.  I never saw the benefit to torturing myself like that.

That was until I realized I was looking in the wrong windows.

The key to successful window shopping is apparently finding the right ones.

For me my favorite window is the ‘eye candy’ ones.

Oh yes, I mean the David Beckham H&M commercial, I mean those men who spend way too much time at the gym, working out or being tortured by personal trainers so they can be featured in my not so innocent daydreams.  In fairness, they don’t have to be oiled up they can be stupid beautiful and/or sexy too.

I will readily admit that I am completely at ease staring at virtually perfect physical specimens.

I take great pleasure admiring all of the hard work they put in to their appearance.  Honestly, they obviously spend A LOT more time on their appearance than I do EVER.

Now the best part, and I truly mean the best part of this whole new window shopping epiphany?

I have zero, zilch, nada desire to buy 😀

Honestly & truly, I really don’t.

I don’t want any of these men in my real life.  I have enough issues with self-esteem & my personal aging process; I cannot even imagine the stress that would be created in a relationship with a man like that.

First of all how much time do these men spend at the gym or getting oiled up for photo shoots anyway?

I appreciate, perhaps fawn or drool a little but really I don’t want anything to do with them.

I want a real, normal person.  Keeping a relationship going or starting is hard enough with two relatively normal people.  I think of it more of like the ‘look don’t touch’

So the occasional window shop, absolutely 😉  yay H&M

& because I’m cool like that……here are a few windows for you to walk past.

TGIF everyone

6 thoughts on “Window Shopping…..

  1. I’m with you…, I am not a rooter of the holy temple of those who do not have a serious job and are not attending college. On other hand to utilize the power of the gym, one must be there for a majority of the days of the week, a few hours at a time, working on different areas of the body each day. I won’t be one of the idiots who go there just to bench press… that is a guido workout and will give you nothing but man boobs

    I also wrote my 7 days gym tribulations somewhere in my blog…

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