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There is no room for snobbery in music

I am happily someone who loves music, I like all kinds of genres.

I don’t care what group is cool or uncool

I don’t even care who remakes or covers songs

I love music & if it strikes a chord with me, I’m in

I feel bad for people who get stuck in a genre, or won’t listen to certain groups

That to me is sad

I would hate to miss out on a voice, song, melody, rhythm just because I have decided to agree with a critic or popular opinion

I should confess to any snob reading this, I love Glee (thanks for visiting)

I don’t always love the arrangement, but more often than not, I love beautiful voices, harmony & a lot of the song choices they make.  I love introducing my children to Journey & Queen.  I love being introduced to new groups.  Mash-ups have been really creative.

We are Young – Fun  — Love their version which made me watch the original

I love musicals, I knew virtually all the words to Les Miserables before I saw it, Rent & Wicked….oh the joy

Wicked — Defying Gravity & For Good are two of my favorites

Rent – Another day, Will I, I’ll Cover You (reprise)

Les Miserables – On my own, I dreamed a dream

Back to Journey & Queen…….lord the memories songs bring back

Bohemian Rhapsody & Somebody to Love

I killed my Journey ‘Escape’ album 😀

We grew up listening to Peter, Paul & Mary.  Rest In Peace Mary Travers

When my sister & I were younger, Air Supply arrived on the scene.  We knew the words to all the songs & sang them in harmony

Martina McBride – Independence Day, Patty Loveless – How can I help you say goodbye

Green Day – September ends

Metallica – Enter sandman

Linkin Park – In the End

Every time I try to end this post, I think of more songs & artists.  I could & will go on, but in another post…………

For today though, do yourself a favor & go outside your ‘normal’ & remember music isn’t about genre or snobbery.

Music is about feeling, how it makes you feel, how it makes you smile, want to dance, cry, make you remember.

Music is much, much too important to be snobby about, you miss too much…

For example, go to YouTube & search for Karen Ellick – introduce yourself to a voice you have never heard before, maybe she will strike a chord….

Please feel free to leave me a suggestion too, I am all for finding new artists & songs


2 thoughts on “There is no room for snobbery in music

  1. Music has always been an important part of my life. It’s always a great way to escape and go to another place. 🙂

    Here’s some suggestions for ya’…

    Jamie Cullum
    Fresh voice and songs

    Bruno Mars
    My theme song.. 😛

    Zac Brown Band
    Love his island/beach themes 🙂

    Norah Jones
    Such a sweet voice

    I could go on too… but I’ll refrain. 😀

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