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it’s a glamorous life…….

Staring at a blank page

Hoping for inspiration to strike

Funny how sometimes there are a million things I want to say or strike me as funny

And other times, nothing seems right

While there are always things to write and share, this morning it all just feels off

I am still grateful but preoccupied, I am thinking about a few people today who have stuff going on & can’t really get out of my head right now.

I want to write for/about the things that actually are swirling around my head and heart but when you are keeping confidences and respecting privacy, it becomes difficult.  These people are important to me so my concern for them & what they are going through is blocking my blogging juices.

So today, I’m going to offer you a glimpse into my glamorous mornings with my other children ‘the dogs’

It’s a quiet Friday morning here, well quiet in the sense of the kids don’t have school so there is none of the normal ‘mom yelling’ at children, so it’s human kid quiet.

My routine remains similar though, the dog & puppy still require part of the routine to be performed.

So I realized that the puppy is training me as opposed to the other way around.

My routine once I safely descend the stairs is to turn on the coffee (which although has an auto start feature, apparently doesn’t work, normal life around here)

I go to the crates to let the dogs out (yup, I said it that way on purpose, I let the dogs out)

2 sets of water & food, a few minutes of standing around

Take out both dogs

The old man finally (don’t ask) behaves properly & takes care of business

The little girl will hopefully do something…..besides run around and whine

Back in we come and here is the (training of me)

I realized, after I would take them out she would still leave a present inside (not one I want & defeats the purpose of going outside)

So finally, (never said I was the sharpest crayon in the box) I realized that although I think she should do what she needs to do the first time I take them out, apparently she isn’t ready on the first go round.

She needs a few minutes.  It makes no difference the length of time we stay outside the first time.

She needs to go back in & will literally whine at the door, she wants to come back inside.

So even though normal people can take the dogs out once, I need to stand around for a few minutes then take her out again.

So now, I wait a few minutes, yup standing around the kitchen internally trying to guess how long is long enough before I can take her back out.

Only then will she leave the present in its proper location

Not sure if it is a puppy thing or just the way my girl works, I guess time will tell

So now I am sitting with my coffee & computer still hoping inspiration will strike…..

Don’t be a hater, not everyone can handle this much glamour…


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