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Sometimes you just need to kick your own…………..

Yup ass…..

I need a shot of grateful.  Some days you just need to shift your own focus when you don’t have someone else around you to snap you out of it.

So in no particular order –

I am grateful for:

Coffee – well it is morning after all & I really am grateful for it

My kids – as crazy as them make me (which apparently is their most important job) they are 2 smart, wickedly funny, loving and all around amazing people

Music — I live my life in music

The Sun – honestly when the sun is shining, it makes me feel better.  Feeling the heat of the sun really does help

DVR – like the cell phone before it, you never knew you needed it until you realize you don’t want to ever live without it again

Friends – even though there will be another blog on friends coming, I mean I am grateful for that really small handful of people that are my real friends.  Those people I would trust with my life.  Those few people who I really can tell anything to.  Those few people I truly feel comfortable around, who know me like no others

My family – my family is the funniest, craziest, most supportive bunch of lunatics I have ever met.  My siblings & dad as well as my aunts, cousins etc.  There are a lot of us, all different yet bound together in a way other people can’t be.

Cheese – enough said

My bed – as we discovered in the spring ahead blog, I am a big fan of sleep and as an extension, my bed generally brings me happiness as well

Hot water – think shower….ahhhhh

I am grateful for much more, big & small but I think the exercise served its purpose for me today.  While there are things that make me crazy, sad, frustrated there are more things that make me happy & grateful.

Speaking of shower……..oh & coffee 🙂


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