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the ‘joys’ of motherhood…..part 1 of the rest of my life…..

Here is some of the fine print you never see…

–          At the beginning of this journey you don’t sleep because they don’t sleep

  • You may get a little time in the middle when your kids actually start sleeping but no worries, sleep will elude you again soon, when they decide to do things at night

–          You were given your taxi drivers license at the birth of your child

  • When they are little your taxi shift is usually during daylight hours
  • As they get older, your shift become the night shift

–          When your kids are little you ask if it gets better, honest mothers will tell you not really, it just changes

  • When they are little you are following them around, trying to keep them out of trouble and keeping injuries to bandaids
  • The older they get, you may not literally follow them, but you are still employing your mom super powers to try to keep them out of trouble & help them try to navigate through their teen years, still trying to keep these less physical more emotional injuries to bandaids too

–          Privacy is a thing of the past

  • Going to the bathroom, showering without interruption is a distant memory.  No worries the memory will fade when you are yelling at them to leave you alone for 2 freakin minutes

–          Leisurely mornings are filed under beautiful memories like privacy – here is a current example (based on the mom of teens ‘joy’)

  • Alarm is set (no, that would be your alarm mom, not theirs)
  • You struggle out of bed to wake up said children…
  • You get to their rooms to wake them up because for some bizarre reason, children don’t hear alarms but parents are required to
  • After first useless attempt at waking them, you stumble to the kitchen for liquid reinforcement
  •  if you are insane like me, you have made your own life more difficult, you let the dogs out, food & water for them too.
  • If you are lucky you have been able to sip before yelling back to said offspring to ‘re-wake’ them up.
  • Oh wait, don’t forget to remind them about brushing teeth, deodorant, brushing hair……
  • If you are very lucky, you might have a puppy who needs to be let out multiple times if you have any shot at not cleaning up after her ‘in the house’
  • Do you hear the shower running?  Yell again to check
  • These are teens for pete’s sake not toddlers

I could literally go on & on…..

No worries, I probably will just not right now…..don’t tell anyone but I actually have a few minutes of silence so I am going to enjoy it….more to come

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