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good & bye ?


–         used to express an acknowledgement of parting

–          An act of parting or leave taking

We use the words together all the time.  Good & bye but do we really think about it?

Probably not very often.   It is used so much, and often it is meant to be a temporary marking of departure.

We use it without thought most of the time, before a child leaves for school, before you leave for work, before running errands, we use it as a temporary farewell.  There is an assumption of return.

I realized that I don’t use ‘goodbye’ all that often

When my kids leave for school, see you later or see you after school, have a great day & I love you are the usual terms used instead of ‘goodbye’

I will also use ‘bye’ more often when I do use the term.  Maybe deep down I do realize the ‘goodbye’ seems more serious.

A phone call is actually a good example, at the end of the conversation you say ‘goodbye’ or ‘bye’ & then what happens?  You literally sever the connection.  If it was a call with someone you have no investment in, it doesn’t matter much.  If you are ending a call with a friend or loved one then you are at least temporarily ending your connection.

Sometimes there is thought behind the words.  There are times when goodbye is very emotional, when the act of saying the word we use so often is laced with other emotions.  Fear, sadness, loss and even grief.

The other piece is that goodbye is a two way street.  When you say goodbye you are saying it to another person, or sometimes a place, a home, a relationship, a part of your life.  In the end you are leaving something behind.  Even when you are really wishing them well, when you are happy for them, there is that twinge of something else.  You are a little sad they are leaving, you are concerned for them, something.

Who decided to marry good with bye?  Attach a wish to the farewell?

I wish you well

I wish you ‘good’

Goodbye means someone is leaving for moments, hours, days or forever.

Goodbye means at least for a while, I am letting you go.

Just something I was thinking about for you to ponder as well….I shall now temporarily sever our connection until tomorrow.  Goodbye 🙂



2 thoughts on “good & bye ?

  1. After some recent “farewells” to people very close to me I have to say that I intend to be a traditionalist and use the term “goodbye” in the way it was originally intended and is still used today in other languages like Spanish, where as an example adios literally means “to God” and translates to “God be with you”. For me at least, this leaves some hope that I too may be able to be with those people again and without hope there only remains despair, therefore I continue to hope. 🙂

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