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spring ahead……

So here we go again, spring ahead & fall back

I started thinking about it since this change requires me to do something on every clock in my house.

I have always been a fan of fall back, since I am the co-chair of ‘more sleep is always a good thing’ movement.  Gaining an hour versus losing an hour was always a no brainer.

But since I am nothing if not a huge contradiction, I have decided to switch teams.

These days, while still a HUGE fan of sleep, I am a bigger fan of light.

More daylight makes me happy.  All of those psychological studies about how dark and light impact ones mood is basically stating the obvious.  For me add in cold versus warm.

I was always a fan of spring & fall, never one to pick winter certainly but summer tended to get a little warmer than necessary for me.

Again, Ms. Contradiction is learning to love the summer.  I was a northeastern girl for most of my life so summers could get hot but not usually every day of the season.  Almost 2 years ago, I ventured south.  Now my summers are long and hot.  I won’t pretend it didn’t take some getting used to but I guess this old girl can learn new things.  I remember being thrilled it got up to the 30’s, now it makes me cranky. 🙂

Funny how things change.

Ok so that was a little tangent I can probably get away with but back to the actual topic, generally the only thing I want to lose is pounds, but this time I am embracing the tradeoff.

Maybe because my kids are older or I have figured out that I can make it up eventually, but the gain of more daylight wins the day.

So, while I mourn the hour, I celebrate ‘spring ahead’

Happy spring ahead everyone

2 thoughts on “spring ahead……

  1. Bring on the daylight and long hot summers!!! 😀

    My only complaint is that someone needs to outlaw any clock that does not have both an hour and a minute button. Maybe I just have too many clocks in my house. 😛

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