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let go of what you can’t control & beat the rest into submission

I was driving with my mother many years ago in her blue Chevy Citation (look it up).  We were driving home from the mall in the evening.  As she was driving, a light came on in the car.  I have no idea what light it was, but it was a warning of some sort.  My mom gets nervous, like the car is going to just stop or explode or who knows what.  As she is becoming concerned and convinced of our impending death, she looked over at me in the passenger seat & asked me what I was doing.  I said I always heard that if you are going to get in an accident you should be relaxed.  I was sitting in the seat with my eyes closed trying to relax my body so if something happened, hopefully the injuries would be lessened because I relaxed my body.  My mother needless to say couldn’t believe my reaction.

That’s how I am.  I have always been the type of person who doesn’t stress over things out of my control.  I just never took that on.  I don’t live in the ‘what if’s’ or stress out about possibilities, not who I am, never was.

Don’t get me wrong, while I don’t stress out over the big things, I am the single biggest cause of the things I do stress out about.  I stress over little things.  I cause my own stress more than anyone else.  My stress usually results directly as a result of my own decisions, actions or inaction.

My procrastination is probably the biggest cause of stress in my life.  I will wait.  Maybe not to the very last minute, but damn close most of the time.  Why?  Who knows, do I need to?  Nope, don’t need to just don’t do it immediately.

Here is a simple example, the mad rush of cleaning and stuffing stuff in places they don’t belong before company is due.  Seriously, if it isn’t a surprise visit, why am I running around with a chicken without a head before people get here?  You know that this mad rush only makes things worse.  You shove stuff in places they don’t belong.  This just cements the certainty of stress later because you know you are going to need that paper, book, or school note.

I am my own worst enemy…

Please tell me I’m not alone 🙂

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2 thoughts on “let go of what you can’t control & beat the rest into submission

  1. Sorry it took a while to comment on this post. Guess I’m guilty of procrastination too.. 😉

    You are certainly NOT alone on the “cleaning and stuffing”, count me in! 🙂

    BTW.. If memory serves me, wasn’t the Chevy citation the car that had the radio mounted vertically? 😛

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