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Organize & create chaos

So I am not a real fan of New Year’s resolutions because I tend not to keep them.  I’m not sure that there is a direct correlation to New Year’s specifically since I am equally good at not sticking to things any time of the year.  I have great intentions but my follow through is a little lacking, ok a lot lacking.

I am an instant gratification person at heart.  On occasion I can give ‘it’ time but really, I want to ‘see’ results immediately.  I will work at it, if I ‘see’ it’s worth it.

I saw a news ‘spot’ one morning.  It was showing a ‘bag’ of chips.  Not the big supermarket bag but the just bigger than the ones that you might get with a sandwich.  Those are actually 4 servings per bag, not the 1 you are going to treat it as.  Well their point was that if you do that all the time you will gain 4.6 pounds in 4 years.  In what?  4 years?  Tell me I will gain 4 pounds in a week, or a month.  4 years?  That is a first class ticket to me ignoring whatever you were trying to tell me.  In 4 years, I will have gained and lost 4.6 pounds 20 times, probably more than that.

So instead of making resolutions, I found all of these organizing sites and blogs.  What did I do?  Added them to my favorites and created a folder & have basically ignored most of them.  I didn’t ignore the one about sticky notes (athough I did forget to make it a favorite so I can’t tell you who set me off to sticky note insanity).

What I remember she did was used sticky notes and wrote out tasks, chores, reminders or anything else you wanted or needed to.  They go on one side of a notebook or cabinet or the surface you choose as a ‘to do’ list & as you complete tasks, you move them over.  You can now see what you have accomplished & what you still need to.

We have established I need instant gratification, so I have a billion sticky notes.  I  need to put down little things, big things, anything.  I can’t put down ‘wash’, I need credit for each individual wash, I need credit for cleaning off individual surfaces, picking up stuff from individual rooms, running the vacuum in each area.

I want credit for them all individually, I don’t want 1 sticky note moving over I need 5 to move.

I want credit for going through the bills, then I want credit for paying them.  I want credit for emptying the dishwasher, emptying the sink, etc.

I think you get the idea.  So my new issue is there are sticky notes everywhere.  So did I gain anything in this experiment?  Did it help me organize or just create more chaos.

They jury is still out


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