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No worries Mother of the Year, my plaque has been on back order for 15 years…

So I had a good day.  Among other things, I get a text message from my 10th grader (who is not supposed to text in school) to tell me she rocked her report card.

Awesome and butt saving since she appears never to have homework so I threaten her (like any good mother will) that her grades better agree with her lack of school work done at home.

We decide to celebrate (aka – out to eat) and go to Jim N’ Nick’s Bar-B-Q

We get this big booth for the 3 of us & the kids put up their menus & I take a picture.  The boy child’s face was in clear view (quite adorable but not exactly the point of the picture) as he tries to put it back up, (coincidentally at the moment the waitress drops by the table) his hand (fist) depending on who’s interpretation of events you choose to believe somehow connected to 10th grader girl child’s nose.

As girl child looks up and announces ‘you just punched me in the nose!’

What is the first question from the wait staff?

Can I get you anything to drink?

I went with water, so not what I wanted.

So we generally recover from the accidental touch/assault & battery and decided on dinner.  I have one up on them, as I have been there before & had an experience (that had me drag them back).

So from the ‘scratch-made trimmings’ I ordered the ‘crack & cheese’ or as it’s officially called ‘mac the cheese’.  I think they might want to change it because there is something about that stuff.

'crack' & cheese

We finish with no blood shed & a fun, entertaining & nice time had by all.

Driving back home, turn on the radio & who but Adele allows all of us to sing loud and proud.  We do that to almost any singer & song but since I secretly would love the power to set fire to the rain so maybe we give a little extra 🙂

My kids are like me, they love music, love singing and are pretty quick at picking up lyrics to songs so if that is not your gig, do not get into a car with me or my kids.

I was going to say don’t get in my car, but really if the song is good enough, I’m singing in yours too.  Can’t help it.

While I should have learned over the years, when they tell you for 15 or so years your mother of the year plaque is on back-order, it will probably never arrive.

Because I am not one for false hope & just to cement back-order status for another 5 years (making it an even 2 decades or so), can you just imagine what the lyrics are to the next song on the radio are that both my kids know?

So what we get drunk, so what we smoke weed……….

Living young & wild & free…….

Oh no, wait it gets better………..

Roll one, smoke one…….

We are home now, I’m going to switch from water now


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