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It’s actually very easy being ‘green’

It makes me crazy when nothing ‘sounds’ right.  I have lists of ideas for blogs but none feel right.  I even reverted back to my old myspace account (who knew I remembered the login and password to that ghost town) to see what wonderful words I could recycle in lieu of picking a topic.  I think in the end, I’m just being lazy.  I guess I am not in the mood to really work it right now.

I want to have a flash of brilliance and have wonderfully amusing stories just flow but they aren’t.  Everything floating around my brain are there because they are already parts of other blogs I’m too lazy to work on right now.

So you say, just stop being a lazyass and concentrate, I’m still apparently leaning towards nope & a total fluff piece.

It feels like work at the moment.  I guess that has actually been my evening.  I made brownies (which were quite delicious, thank you) but then I didn’t want to make dinner.  So I found a meal I could throw in the microwave for 6 minutes, stir and then put back on for another 6.  Because I made a double batch of brownies, I think I officially spent more time making dessert than dinner.


The boy cut the brownies 😉
I have resigned myself to giving myself a break for this one.  I am going to be ‘green’ and recycle 🙂

I went back and saw a ‘note’ I made on Facebook back in 2009….

Google “your name” needs, and see what the top 10 responses are…

(any editorial comments would be these words in parenthesis)

So what does Google think I need?

It seems I:

needs her customers and she never lets the forget that fact (I will try to be a better person)

needs lovin (who doesn’t)

needs a SLAP-A-HO (I have no idea what that is but I could use a little stress relief)

a share in Vancouver, BC (as in own a piece of Vancouver?  Why not Fiji?)

Needs a hand, too! (I think we established in yesterday’s blog, I actually could use a maid instead of just a hand please)

Needs numbers (actually no thanks, I’m good )

Need caffeine (always as long as it takes the form of coffee)

Needs help (obviously)

Need to completely rebalance spells (if only I could rebalance those damn spells)

Needs lovin (more than most apparently)


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